To whom it may concern

Just once I would like to see a peaceful protest against those bullshiting politicians, their greedy selfs and friends! I would love everyone who is at least fed up with the system and the lies and the incompetence to just say no! Don´t vote come the next election day! Just send out the message that your not voting and through that peacefully protesting against the corrupt system. That your not playing their rigged game anymore. Say you won´t vote until you are given a real choice here, until you are given reasonable options between to vote. Say they are not allowed to bullshit talk or use their stupid overcomplicated euphemism or pseude political correctness talk! Nothing of that. Just common sense talk about how to fix our problems. I know I am asking for a bit much and this is kinda just a rant of me but really, could you imagine us all together protesting, saying no to their ways? And put public pressure on them to get those liers and sweettalkers to stand down and let someone else try who may be more suited and competent to deal with our problems. Slowly we could make life uncomfortable for the 1% people of the world. They would have to pay up or even go to jail for their crimes. Let those asshole big tax evaders get to pay up so we can pay our depts and build better social security and more. Challenge banks by building a whole new system to handle and store money and saying no to them too. “You motherfuckers and leeches of the people won´t get one more cent from us” I know I am just having one of those crazy naive and youthful days where I think that if we really wanted we could change the system. Maybe when I come up with a better plan, we will.


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